Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day at the Museum!

Saturday morning we did something out of the ordinary & visited a children's museum in St. Pete called Great Explorations. There were so many exciting things for me to do & see! At times, I'd get so excited that I'd stop & shout, "Ohhh!" just because I was so happy.

I think my parents had even more fun than me since nothing makes them happier than seeing me discovering new things!

It's another day on the farm! Just getting some milk from my old gal, Bessie!

What's up, Mrs. Sheep? I'm just hanging here with my mom & dad. Pretty cool place you have here.

I sat in this seat & my mom pulled on a rope to raise me up. I loved going up, but got a little cranky when going down.

Thanks for helping me out, Dad, you're the best!

Hi, Clown Fish!

My mom & I baked a few loaves of bread & some rolls too!

Pretty cool fire truck!

I was even able to dance with a pretty gal. Of course, my moves were far superior than that of hers!

AND, afterward, I got to try my very first Happy Meal from McDonald's! Don't tell my mom that I told you though, or she'd be embarrassed!


Auntie Kelly said...

Wow! Cam, it looks like you had such a great time at the museum! You're such a lucky little boy. I better not show Leah these pictures, she may be a little jealous you were dancing with another girl. =)

Melanie said...

That children's museum looks like it was lots of fun Cam! I'll have to take your cousins there soon! AND I'm glad you enjoyed your first Happy Meal! It won't be your last!