Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer lovin'

With it being summertime, our options are limited as far as outdoor activities are concerned.  If you're not familiar with Florida summers, they're extremely hot & extremely humid!  We're also always hunting for inexpensive outings since us kids cost so much money!

Daddy found the perfect outing at the Dunedin splash pad!  It was free & it was fenced in to keep little rug rats like Reese contained!  We met with Samantha & Leah too & had an absolute blast splashing around.

After the splash pad we hit the playground next door & then headed to lunch with the whole gang.

Reese was so pooped out after our outing that within five minutes of driving, she was out cold!  Summer's nearly over, I've started preschool & my fifth birthday is about a month away... lots going on!!