Sunday, December 16, 2012

My big debut!

Friday was my school's Christmas program & I was very excited since this was to be my very first performance!

I was a little nervous as I entered the stage..

But when I spotted Mommy & Daddy in the crowd, all my nerves disappeared!  

I wasn't sure if my voice would be up to par since I'm still getting over being sick from last week.  I barely have a voice today, but I did sing my heart out & it was great!

Afterwards, Mommy & Daddy came to my classroom to hang out & take some pictures.  Here I am with my very best school friend, Lorenzo.  The two of us have been locked at the hip for years!  

I was pretty bummed when Mommy & Daddy had to leave to go back to work, but I'm so glad they came to watch me perform!

Uncle Matt came to watch Leah.

I sure do love this girl!  Lorenzo may be my best boy friend, but Leah is definitely my best girl friend.  I had a lot of fun performing.. this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 month stats

Two weeks ago today I turned the B-I-G ONE!  Yesterday Daddy picked me up to head to the doctor for my one year well visit.

Here are my stats:

Head circumference: 18.11" (74%)
Height: 29" (41%)
Weight: 22.25# (67%)

I'm a short little girl, just like my mommy!  The doctor is very happy with my growth & I'll now be switching to two 8 ounce bottles of whole milk per day from 3 bottles of breast milk.  I'm growing like a little, adorable weed!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall fun!

We went to Busch Gardens a couple of weeks ago & it was an absolutely beautiful, cool Fall day.

The park was decorated with plenty of pumpkins & it was nice & empty so we had a lot of room to run around & hop on any ride we wanted.


Reese hung out in her stroller & took a nice nap.

I navigated through the hay maze

while rocking out my cool shades!

I'm a pro at scaling the rope bridges too.

I had a lot of fun playing in the sandbox.

And driving the race car all by myself!

And here's my little sis walking around the kitchen chairs as she so loves to do.  She's still not walking on her own, but I'm sure she will be very soon.  My little sister will be ONE in a little more than a week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Party time!

My birthday party was about two weeks ago & it was tons of fun!  I chose "Red Birds" as the theme this year.

The party was held at a trampoline place called Air Heads & it was a lot of fun!

There was no way Mommy could have had the party at our house since we moved only the day before!  It was super nice to play with all of my family & friends while my parents were able to relax.

I was a bit of a sweaty mess after all of that jumping & I worked up a big appetite for pizza & birthday cake!

 Celebrating my 4th birthday was so much fun!  I'm thankful that my family & friends joined me & for all of the awesome presents I opened!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's been a loooonggg time since I've taken the time to post and there's a good reason for that.. we've moved to a new house!  Not only that, but since the last time I wrote, I'm now a whole year older!  That's right, I'm a 4 year old!  I'll post some pictures from my birthday party very soon.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of me & my sissy before our big move..

We are always helping Mommy with laundry & boy oh boy are we amazing assistants!  As Reese tips the basket & pulls out clothes, I tend to plow through my mom's neatly folded stacks she arranges on the floor.

Is this girl a nutter or what?!  Speaking of nutters, you'll see that I'm just hanging out on the couch in the background in all my naked glory.  And why does the house look trashed?!

Oh right, the "Disaster Crew" as Mommy calls us, are fabulous at trashing the room in thirty seconds flat!

She's going in for the pull!

Okay, okay, maybe we aren't the best helpers, but we sure are cute!

And speaking of cute, my adorably sweet teacher from my P3 class has moved on to bigger & better things!  I'm going to miss Miss Brandi lots & so will my parents!  I've recently moved up to P4 but would still go back to P3 in the evenings before pick-up to spend time with Miss Brandi.  As much as she'll be missed, we know she'll do awesome as a high school teacher!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oscar & the zit

Yesterday Reese, Daddy & myself hit Publix for a few groceries.  Turns out they were doing a little event with cookie decorating & face painting.  I had a blue smiley face painted on my cheek & I refused to let my mommy & daddy wash it off, even before bed.  I sure paid for that though & now I'm sporting my very first pimple!

Yick!  My porcelain skin is tainted! ;o)

In other news, this is my friend Oscar!  Also, I move to a new classroom tomorrow since I'll be turning four soon.  As much as I'll miss my P3 teachers, Miss Brandi & Miss Christina, I look forward to getting to know Miss Debbie & Miss Katie in P4!  Oh & in other random news, I knocked my sissy's paci & clip into the toilet today.  Not only that but there was pee in the toilet!  Luckily Mommy came in to check on me so Reesey's paci is getting a nice hot bath in the dishwasher tonight!

Big girl!

So, as of last Wednesday, I'm officially able to stand in my crib!  Mommy was laying me down for a nap when she peeked in to check on me & saw my sweet, little face peeking over the crib rails!

That's right, I'm pretty big stuff!

It seems like every day I'm able to get into more & more things!  I'm not positive that Cam loves this, but I think he does appreciate that I'm a better play mate these days!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

9 month stats!

Today Mommy & I headed to the doctor for my 9 month well baby visit.  Not only did I have to get two shots but I also had my big toe pricked to check my iron counts (which were perfect).  Ouch!  I'm such a tough cookie though & didn't even flinch to the toe prick & barely cried during the shots.

My growth & development are right on track & the doctor said I'm absolutely perfect.  But Mommy & Daddy didn't need the doctor to tell them that.. they already knew!

Hanging with my Uncle & Auntie before my dedication!

After my doctor's appointment, I was pretty pooped & took a really long nap!

Spending time with Sophie at church

And I'll be spending the rest of the day with my mommy which I really look forward to! We love each other lots!  

So here are my 9 month stats:

Height: 28.5" (82%)
Weight: 20.13# (74%)
Head circumference: 17.72" (79%)

So, I've grown 9" and gained 13# since!  Click here to see Cameron's 9 month stats.  He weighed three pounds more than me and was 1.5" taller!  It also turns out that he was working on his 6th tooth at nine months old while I'm still sporting a gummy grin!  Every baby is different, eh?