Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today Grammy & Auntie Erika flew in from Chicago to see us!!

Auntie Erika met Reese for the very first time today!!  I think it was love at first sight!

We're looking so forward to their two week visit & can't wait to have so much fun with them!

We're so lucky to have such awesome family!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


These days, I love pulling the cushions off the couch to build tents, make forts & just jump around on pillows.  Daddy caught me soaring through the air like a bird the other day!  Speaking of flying like a bird, hop over to Mommy's blog to see pictures of my grandpa skydiving today!

I'm fearless so Mommy is typically in the background saying, Cam, please be careful!

But Daddy is much more laid back about my boyness!

I always have so much fun playing around & roughhousing with my daddy!

And just being a crazy little boy!

In other news, I'm doing a great job of staying in bed at night & loading up my chart with stars & happy faces!  

My progress did a 180 when I was at Leah's house & saw her star chart.  From that day on, I've stayed in bed every single night after saying, I'm going to beat Leah!  My mommy & daddy are just fine with that & loving that my competitive nature is keeping my booty in bed!