Saturday, June 25, 2011

My First Movie!!

This morning we excitedly headed to the movies to see Cars 2! Not only was I beyond excited to see the new Cars but it was also going to be my first time going to see a movie! If you think I was excited, my mom & dad were a million times more excited!!

On our way! I wore my Lightning hat, shirt, sandals, undies & had my Lightning, King & Mater cars in tow. Oh & did you happen to notice the Cars band-aid on my knee? Yep, I was all set!

We finally made it!!

Time to buy our tickets! The morning shows are two dollars cheaper than the matinees & half the price as the night shows at $5 a pop.

Whoa... so this is what people mean when they say they're going to the movies... How awesome.. the sights, the sounds, the smells, oh my!

Initially we were going to buy the $13 popcorn/soda combo (gulp!) but then we saw a lady & her son getting a kid's pack which was $4 for a small popcorn, drink & fruit snacks. Much better!

It was so cool to see all of the other kids there with their Lightning shirts on too!

I kicked back, ate my popcorn, drank my Sprite, ate some M&Ms & enjoyed the heck out of my very first movie! I did great & stayed put for the most part. A couple of times I sat on the stairs next to my mommy but otherwise I was in my own chair. I had an absolute blast during my first movie-going experience & I look forward to many more to come. And I give Cars 2 two thumbs up!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Fun!

Sunday was Father's Day & I was all about loving the wonderful man in my life! How lucky am I to have such a fun, hands-on Daddy?!

We also spent the day with my goofy cousins & the other fathers in my life; Grandpa & Uncle Mike!

Did I mention that my cousins were goofy?

After dinner we went in my little pool to cool off from the hot summer heat.

Then we enjoyed some of Auntie Mel's birthday cake that mommy made from scratch.

After the dads opened their presents Mikayla had some fun with one of the boxes! She tucked herself right inside...

And popped out of the box!

I was so impressed by her trick that I wanted a try next... Unfortunately my head is quite large & wouldn't fit into the box!

This made me very upset! But besides that, we had a wonderful day celebrating the daddys in my life! Hop over to Mommy's blog to check out the food we enjoyed!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We Be Jammin!

Yesterday we had a very quiet day at home which was really nice. Daddy brought out his guitar at one point & we had a bit of a jam session! He took lessons when he was about ten years old or so but never really stuck with it.

I'll be heading back to daycare tomorrow after a one week hiatus since being sick! Thank goodness my grandma was able to come up for the week because I was feeling pretty miserable. Now my poor mommy has my cold! We both knew it was bound to happen though.. I'd lay with her at night & cough & drool on her as I fell asleep. Oh, and since I'm a beverage thief I also shared her water on many occasions! We're close like that..

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Cousin's Birthday Party!

Saturday we headed to Maddy & Mikayla's combined birthday party! Maddy turned 8 last month & Mikayla will be 4 in a week.

Unfortunately I started to come down with a virus of some sort that morning so I wasn't feeling 100%.

But I still managed to have a blast in the pool with my cousins!

And partake in some birthday cake!

And even though it wasn't my birthday party, everyone let me have a chance to blow out some candles too! Isn't my family so accommodating?!

My cousins are so nice that they even let me help with the presents!

I'm a lucky guy to have such a wonderful family! To see more pictures, head over to my mommy's blog!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Monkeys

Me, Avery, Leah & Carter ran around like little monkeys by our cabana on Memorial Day! It's the little things in life that make us happy!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day!

On Monday we headed to the Uncle Josh & Auntie Lo Lo's pool to celebrate Memorial Day with friends!

They have an awesome pool with a big water slide & splash pad! I was so mad that I was too short to go down the slide!

The pool area is huge & made up of three pools, a baby/wading pool & the splash pad. We got there early & easily snagged a cabana so we had shade for the kiddies.

Miss Jill pulled us around on the raft!

And Baby Taylor joined us too! After the pool us kids took naps & then we played the rest of the day until it was time to head home for bedtime. It was so great to spend the long weekend away from school & with my mommy & daddy!