Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Silly Saturday

A lot of weekend mornings when I wake up, my mom & dad bring me into their bedroom to drink my milk, watch cartoons & snuggle while they continue to catch some Zzz's. This past Saturday we were feeling goofy & took some silly pictures. We also took a funny video which we'll be posting too.

Here's Stinky little Stella looking all goofy with her schnaggle teefs (as my mommy likes to call them).

And here's my handsome daddy!

My mom is a goofball!

We had Romie for the weekend & she's always such a wonderful house guest!

Daddy was teaching me how to make funny faces...

And Mommy assisted by demonstrating!

How I love my family and our weekends spent together!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Daddy's Shirt

Sometime last year my Grammy brought me a shirt that my daddy used to wear when he was a little boy. My mommy was surprised when she saw it since it had her favorite number on the front... 14. She was even more surprised when she looked at the tag & saw that the brand name was Allison. Weird, huh? It's like they were meant to be! :o)

Apparently this shirt brings out the silliness in me because I was acting like a goofball on Saturday while wearing it.

My parents make me laugh!

I'm a happy guy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends!

Saturday evening we headed to Wiregrass Mall with Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt & Leah in hopes of getting a picture with Santa. Unlike last year when I was as happy as a clam to sit on Santa's lap, this year I wanted nothing to do with him!

Here I am at three months old when I didn't have a flippin' clue of what was going on!

And here I am last year, smiling on two separate occasions on Santa's lap.

Oh well, I guess I'm more aware of what's going on now... Pardon me for being a bit freaked out about a big, strange man with a white beard in a red suit! My mom figured a picture wasn't going to happen as I tightened my legs around her waist as we approached Santa's seat! But at least Leah cooperated & Uncle Matt & Auntie Kelly were able to get a picture.

Anyway, we all met up with Auntie Lo Lo, Uncle Josh & Josh's dad for some tasty grub at Red Robin... YUM! Leah was kind enough to feed me apple slices!

Leah also made sure my thirst was quenched! I'm quite the lucky man to have such a considerate, generous friend!

We're BFFs and I couldn't be happier about that!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hands down, my favorite thing about Thanksgiving was spending such quality time with my family! Especially my cousins!

Click here to see just how much we've changed in the past year!

Maddy was such a big help & could not wait to set the table!

And I was delighted to discover that my cousins were going to spend the night just as they did last year. We really had a full house this time around with my Auntie Lauren, Uncle Gregg, Grandpa, Auntie Mel, Uncle Mike, Maddy & Mikayla! We had such a great time! After us kiddos went to bed, the adults stayed up & watched old family movies from when Mommy was a kid.

Am I a lucky guy or what?! Hop over to my mom's blog to see more Thanksgiving pictures!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

26 Months Old

While our parents watched the football games on Sunday, Leah & I watched Toy Story in Mommy & Daddy's bed & it was delightful!

We also played in my ball pit for a bit. Most of the time me & Leah get along swimmingly, but as any kids do, we sometimes fight over toys. Luckily Leah is a sport & tends to give in to my needs & let me have what I want.

Anyway, on this eve of Thanksgiving I am 26 months old! What is the 26 month old version of me up to? Well, I still adore playing with my cars & trucks, watching Little Einsteins & Dora the Explorer.

Much to my parent's dismay, most every evening when I get home from daycare, I let off steam by whining & throwing little tantrums. I guess they don't call it the terrible twos for nothing!

I'm using the potty very well at school but have yet to go PP or poop on the potty while at home. Since I'm rarely home during the week, my mom & dad are only able to put me on the potty right before bedtime.

And here's a random picture of my Uncle Matt on Sunday as he sipped his beer through a straw. Odd!

Anyway, I'm settling into my new class at daycare nicely & no longer cry when I'm dropped off. I wear size 3T pants & 4T shirts only because my parents like me to get a lot of use out of my clothes (technically I can still fit into a 2T). I'm in a size 7 shoe & a size 5 diaper. I'm still a very good sleeper; I love cuddling with my mom right before bed at 7:45ish & sleep until about 7:15 in the morning. My parents are trying to keep me in my crib as long as possible & I'm just fine with that!

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! I give thanks to all of my family & friends & the wonderful people in my life!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday Morning with Elmo

Saturday morning we headed out back to play baseball & enjoy the beautiful weather!

I was so happy to play with my t-ball set that I broke out in a jig!

I look like a pirate in this picture! Arr!

I'm wearing my Elmo shirt which I adore to little bits & pieces. Any time I see my mom folding my Elmo shirt as she's doing laundry, I insist on wearing it. I've worn it to bed at least a few nights because it makes me feel so warm & fuzzy inside!

After play time & nap, we headed over to Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt & Leah's house for their OSU party. We had a great time playing around the backyard & eating delicious hot dogs & chili!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Year Check-Up

Tuesday Mommy had to be the bad guy who took me for my two-year well baby visit. Luckily since I'm now two I can get the flu mist rather than the injection, but I still had to get one other shot.

Mommy kept me entertained with this stuffed giraffe as well as some cars & books she packed. I was happy to be examined by the doctor while sitting on Mommy's lap in this chair, but wanted NOTHING to do with the exam table. I'm so happy to have an awesome doctor that makes me laugh while she does her exam!

But I did freak when the nurse laid me on the table to get my height. No one is going to make me do something I don't want to do without a fight!

Anyway, here are my stats at 25 months old:

Height: 37 inches = 96% (2 1/2" taller than my 18 month check-up)
Weight: 35#, 8oz = 98% (5#, 8oz more than my 18 month check-up)
Head Circumference: 20.47" (0.2" huger than my 18 month check-up)

Click here if you wanted to check in & see what I was up to last time I visited the doctor!

When it was time for my shot & flu-mist, I cried hysterically as my mom held me down. Mind you, this was before I even got the shot. I was NOT a happy camper when the nurse squirted that mist up each of my nostrils!! But as soon as I was taken off the examination table, all was well & I felt great the rest of the day!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weeknight Randoms

Monday I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mommy & Daddy had taken the day off of work. They had planned to take me to the new Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa, but unfortunately I gave them both my sickness so we decided to lay low. That will teach them to give me smooches when I'm sick! Who am I kidding? As if anyone could resist these sweet, juicy lips! But we will get to that museum someday soon since my mom had been anxiously awaiting it's opening (which happened to open a day after I turned 2!)

So we did some fun stuff around the house on Monday instead & I was able to play with my ball pit!

We enjoyed pelting each other with balls through the little peep holes!

The one outing we did take on Monday was to exchange a repeat birthday gift I got. So, Auntie Erika, thank you SO MUCH for this awesome Thomas the Train set!! The best part about this toy is that it folds up so I can take it with me for fun away from home!

And yesterday while my dad was playing kickball, my mom let me eat my dinner at my awesome Lightning McQueen table that my Auntie Mel, Uncle Mike & cousins got me. And what do you know, I sat at my Cars table watching none other than Cars!

And speaking of dinner, my appetite has picked up this week & I'm actually eating! My parents are quite shocked as dinner has been my absolute worse meal these days & I've been eating little to nothing. So they're pleasantly surprised to see me putting food in my big gullet!!