Thursday, March 4, 2010

Play Date!

On Sunday, my mommy & I went for a play date with seven other kids. We met a nice girl named Jill at my girl friend, Leah's party & she wanted a cool kid like myself to be part of their monthly meet-ups. I don't blame her, seeing as I am quite nifty.

Anyway, I happened to be the only boy which was rather cool! I was so happy when I recognized my best buddy, Leah & then mingled amongst the rest of the group & got to play with some new toys. What a fun afternoon!

Here's the whole gang. Our parents were shocked when we all sat like champs for the pictures. I showed my mom since I overheard her say, Cameron will never sit still for the picture. Think again, lady!

And this is where things just got plain old nuts. Of course, Leah & I kept our cool amongst the chaos.

I love my Leah!

Story time! You may wonder where I am... just keep looking beyond the babies. Yep, that'd be me in the back. The Lone Ranger.

And not only was I off by myself during the majority of story time, but I was also facing the wall with my back to the group. Not the proudest moment my mom has ever had. But she loves me for who I am. And that's someone special & out of the ordinary. Not weird, just different. Yeah.

Heeeelllllooooo, beautiful!

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Auntie Kelly said...

This post absolutely cracked me up! All the kids crying and trying to get away in the group photo and you and Leah are cool as cucumbers. You two are such good kids! We both had a GREAT time playing with you and all the other kids.