Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday!

Today was most certainly not my birthday, but it was my half birthday!

Here I was last year on my half birthday; only six months old! At that time I could barely roll over, but now I'm running, climbing & getting into all sorts of things I shouldn't!

I had a lot of fun celebrating my half birthday tonight! When I got home from day care, I played a bit of peek-a-boo behind our curtains!

Next it was time for dinner!

Aww yeah! Homemade mac n' cheese made in my honor! I must be pretty darn special.

And not only did I watch a bit of my Baby Einstein as I normally do, but...

I got to watch Cars for the very first time! I've been reading my Cars books for ages now & it was pretty amazing to see them in action on the big screen! Well, on the tv screen, but you know what I mean!

Last, but most certainly not least, I enjoyed a freshly baked cookie as a bedtime snack to wrap up my very, merry un-birthday!

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Auntie Kelly said...

Sounds like a great half birthday Cam!!