Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Haloween, it's Halloween!

We had such a great time last week with Halloween!  Between the parties at school & trick-or-treating after, we were chocked full of candy!

My sister didn't exactly cooperate at first, so Mommy literally sweat with determination in the 80+ degree heat & humidity to get a decent shot of us in costume.

The wagon did the trick & made Reese happy so we moved on to trick-or-treating!


I wanted to fly from door to door to get my sticky mitts & beer-bellied Mario butt as much candy as I possibly could, but the little ballerina seriously held me up.  Although it ended up being for the best, since it helped us finally meet our neighbors!  Yes, we've lived in our house for a year & only sorta know the people across the street.  Perhaps my parents are seriously antisocial?

 Reese thought she needed to eat each piece she was given & at one point my mom had to shake the drippy, melted Twix out of her death grip.  She wasn't exactly a sight of daintyness, but she definitely looked cute!  After a loop around, we dropped Reese & Daddy off & Mommy & I got serious!

And here are a few random pictures from some of the fall activities we've been doing.  A few weeks ago we hit Hundsader Farms & despite the insane heat, we had a great time.

There were hayrides, dancing at the hoedown, kettle corn & fried food galore!

We even got to hold butterflies which Mommy wanted absolutely no part of... poor butterflies getting man-handled by a bunch of screw-loose kids!

We later headed to Grandma & Grandpa's & even after a dip in the pool, the bathtub was still full of grit, that's just how filthy we were.  But filthy = fun, right?!  Right!