Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer randoms

Well, it's officially summer & we've been having a fun time in the Florida heat.  Well, I guess we avoid the Florida heat at all costs, so we've just been having fun in general.

Here's a picture of me on Father's Day weekend

Reese loved Mumford & Sons & crawled over to watch the TV while they were on!
Swimming has been my thing lately & I'm a little fish!  I still can't swim on my own, but I do great with the help of a little inner tube.  Reese has swam twice this summer (her first times) & she loves it too!

We've spent lots of fun time with our family too!

Pretty soon Reese will be meeting her Auntie Erika for the first time when she & Grammy come for a visit!  We cannot wait!

I'm very good friends with Stella these days.  That's if I don't bother her during a nap because when I do, she just about bites my head off.  She loves to lick me & Reese & now I'm big enough for her to curl up on my lap.

So that's what's going on around these parts!  Hope you're having a great summer so far too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Lately I've been wanting to build tents in my living room before bed bedtime.  

Luckily my dad is an awesome builder & helps me out!

I always invite Mommy & Daddy to join me in my fort & I never leave my pets out of the fun either!

Silly faces in our tent!

It's become my routine to start building right as Reese is getting ready for bed!  She's too little to join in, but before we know it, she'll be right in the action with us.

And after all of that building, it's time for me to take a much needed rest!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Playing around

On Memorial Day, Mommy & Daddy took out a new toy for me to play with.  Turns out it wasn't new at all!  It was something that my grandma & grandpa got me for my second birthday.  Since I wasn't yet old enough to play with it, they stowed it away in my closet.

I had so much fun playing with my new Zippity toy!  

My favorite thing to do these days is play with "mommy's new toy" which is the tablet Mommy got for her birthday.  I love playing Angry Birds which I refer to as "Red Birds."  It's truly current obsession!  And Reese's obsession is playing in her jumper.  And chewing on things!

Speaking of Reese, we were able to to take our first bath together on Memorial Day.  It was a lot of fun!  My sissy is really growing up!

We're going to have so much fun growing up together!