Monday, October 26, 2009

Pre-Bears Game Happenings

I love this video game/rocking chair so much that I like to nibble on it here and there. You'll notice the bite marks on the top of the chair!

This root beer float was delightful! Thanks for sharing, Dad!

King of the Castle, King of the Castle!

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Sunday we took a ride to a small pumpkin patch. It was extremely sunny, so our pictures did not turn out wonderfully since I was doing a lot of squinting!

A Festivus For the Rest of Us!

Saturday after Mommy got home from work & I finished my nap, we piled in the car & met Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt & Leah for an evening at an Oktober Fest & had a wonderful time.

As you can see below, I was getting a little frustrated here, but as soon as my mom brought me over by the German band & danced with me, I was golden!

Gee, this beverage looks awfully refreshing!

Don't mind if I do...

Well, I guess this will have to do!

Time for the crazy bus! Very fitting for our group!

Weee! We had a great time!

So sue me... I tend to drool a little. Okay, well a lot. But, whatever.

And here is my girl, all snug in her stroller! Isn't she a slice of Heaven?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Goofy!

Dad put these bubbles on my head during my bath....the things I do for a laugh!


Sunday evening I was not feeling well at all; my cold was coming to a head and I was not happy about it!

My mom & dad knew I must be feeling really badly if I actually cuddled the entire night. I'm usually on the go, so something was amiss when I actually laid still.

Some rest and TLC & I'll be back to good health in no time!

Daddy's Right Hand Man!

On Sunday I helped my daddy set up our new, little computer table. Without my help he surely wouldn't have completed the project.

I rule!

Cool Weather Makes Me Happy!

As we returned from church on Sunday, it was wonderful to feel the cool air on my cheeks instead of the stifling humidity that's been hanging around.

We spent plenty of time outside this weekend, just knowing that it will get hot again before the cool weather truly arrives!

Love me my Radio Flyer Wagon!!


So, word around my house is that my Baby Einstein jumper will soon be retired. Boy oh boy has that toy given me many moments of joy & happiness! Although, now that I'm a big boy who loves to get into everything, I no longer appreciate being confined.

I'm going to be okay with the retirement of my ol' pal. Mom & Dad wanted to take a few more picture of me in it before it was packed away.

So BIG!!

If you're interested in following me on Twitter, just check out my shirt. I lead an interesting life, so it would behoove you to become my friend!

Hey, I know you!

Saturday Shopping With a Side of Meatballs!

Saturday morning I awoke to a beautiful, chilly day that put the spirit of Fall in my heart! We decided to pack up & take a trip to IKEA... IKEA... hmm, that rings a bell. Wait a second!! That's the place where I eat meatballs! We went there 3 months ago & it was fan-titally-tastic!

Uh, okay, people. So where are these meatballs?!

Time to get serious, folks, I smell food!


Excuse me while I chew this food. Don't mean to talk with my mouth full. How rude of me!

Food = happy baby!

Okay, Mom, enough pictures!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Swinging On a Beautiful Day

We took advantage of the glorious weather and I got to go on the swings this weekend!

Getting Bigger!

Last week Daddy took me to my 12-month well visit & I did NOT appreciate getting 4 shots! I kinda sorta had the sniffles before I went to my appointment & I think the flu shot gave me the push I didn't need since I now have a full-blown cold!

Anyway, here are my stats from this visit:

Height: 32.5" (98th percentile) - I am now 52.4% of my mom's height!

Weight: 25#, 12oz (84th percentile)

Head Circumference: 19.68" = FREAKIN' HUGE = >100th percentile!!

So, since birth, I have gained 19# & have grown exactly one foot! I was such a little baby (with a big head) & now I'm such a BIG boy (with a big head)!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Hat

Saturday my mom decided to go back through my drawers yet again to weed out the clothes I've grown out of. In the process she happened to find the hat that I wore just minutes after I was born & thought it would be cute to try it on me over 12 months later.

Not cute! I look like a dork. Well, just go ahead & see for yourself...

And here I am right after I was born, wearing this same hat!

And if the hat wasn't enough, my mom also decided to slap some socks on me that had ball & bat rattles on them! Clearly she's not realizing that I am far too mature for these baby socks!

Enough is enough! I'm going to try & take these monstrosities off!

Who Knew a Hamper Could Be This Much Fun?!