Sunday, March 7, 2010

"More Bath!"

My mommy & daddy have been teaching me sign language since I was about 6 months old & I've really caught on quickly. However, there are times when I'm very excited about something & I sign so quickly that I get my words mixed up.

So, on Saturday morning when I wanted my dad to share more cereal with me, instead of signing "more, please," I kept on signing, "more, bath!"

But, either way, they new what I wanted & delivered the food to my wide open trap! And that made me one happy camper.

I am SUCH a goofball!


Perno said...

For those of you wondering at home -- no my chest hasn't developed random scars...Allison airbrushed my chest hair! Real nice for someone that wants to be "real"!!! :)

Allison said...

Ha, ha, ha!! I cannot stand that v-neck shirt of yours! Who do you think you are, Simon Cowell?!

Yes, I did airbrush the hair off & I think I did a mighty fine job.. if you hadn't spilled the beans, no one would have noticed!

I still love you hair or no hair. I just prefer the rest of the world to focus on the picture of you & Cam, not your bushels of hair sticking this way and that!!

Grammy said...

Hey I want to see more pictures of my Bonki Baby.