Saturday, February 27, 2010

Independent Man!

This morning as my mom & dad prepared breakfast, I decided I'd bring out the book I blogged about yesterday. I hoisted myself onto the couch all by myself, flipped through the pages of the book & read aloud. My mom decided to take a picture of me since she thought it was rather cute to see me reading all by myself!

My favorite part of this book are the pictures of the moon. I'm rather fascinated with the moon these days & each evening after day care, I point it out as we're getting out of the car or taking the dogs out back. It's odd though because sometimes it's bigger, sometimes it's smaller & sometimes it's not there at all! I just don't get it!

But I'll leave you with this question, "If the moon was made out of cheese, would you eat it? I would!" Happy Saturday!

All done! Good book!


lesli said...

that is a big book for such a little fella!! good job!
and if the moon were made of blue cheese, i'd eat it! heck, i'd have seconds!

Auntie Kelly said...

Aww..look at the big boy reading by himself. How cute. I'd eat the moon if it were made out of cheese, too. =) Love ya, Cam!