Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little pumpkins

We decorated pumpkins last night & I decided to make a bat while Reese made a spider.

Mommy & Daddy later carved their pumpkins, but it was a better idea to not give us knives to mess with!  

Reese decided to make her pumpkin a girl by putting the bow on the top of it's head instead of under his mouth as a bow-tie.  Creative girl!  But she absolutely refused to put the top hat on.  I guess girls don't typically wear top hats!

Our pumpkins are hanging out on the front porch in anticipation for Halloween & all of the trick or treaters!  I'll be rocking out my new Mario costume & Reese will be a sweet little ballerina.  We've got our parties at school tomorrow too so we're super excited!

I tried to write my name on my bat pumpkin with the glitter pen but it didn't quite work out as I had envisioned it.  Ah well, ya win some, ya lose some!  Happy Halloween, everyone, I hope you have a spooky, candy-filled day!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Time to party like a 5 year old!

Last week we celebrated my FIFTH birthday & it ended up being a nearly week long event which I loved!  Trust me, I really milked it being my birthday... "Mom, can I watch just one more show before bed??  But, it's my birthday week!"  Yep, I'm a stinker!  Papa flew in from Chicago to join Grammy for my party & we all had a blast!

We helped Mommy decorate my homemade cake & made an absolute mess in the kitchen!  That just proved that we had a good time doing it!

Our favorite part was licking the whipped cream off the beaters!

Normally I take both for myself, but this year Reese was big enough to join in!

My second favorite part was opening presents!  I got some awesome Mario games for my 3DS & Wii & promptly went upstairs to test them out.  Mommy had to drag me downstairs to sing & have cake.  Told you I was a stinker!

My third favorite part was making a wish & eating my cake.

Of course my side-kick, I mean sister, joined in too!

We re-lit the candles so Reese could blow them out & make a wish too!

I chose a SpongeBob party this year since it's my new favorite show.

Mommy made the Bikini Bottom inner tube on the wall out of a foam wreath, white & red ribbon & blue puffy paint.  It took her all of ten minutes to make so it was an easy decoration.  Or so I'm told!

Mommy & Daddy made pink jellyfish out of balloons & streamers.

And I chose a pirate SpongeBob cupcake cake!

The day was positively beautiful so we set up a baby pool & slip & slide & the babies & kids spent a ton of time playing in the water.  Just before dinner was served, every kid got naked & jumped in.  We're crazy like that.

No family party is complete without playing bags!

After we dined on our Krabby Patty hamburger bar, it was time for cake & presents!

Auntie Lauren brought this red candle flower & it ended up spinning around, playing happy birthday.  We soon found out that there was no way to shut it off & later that night Mommy heard it playing in her room & found it under her bed.  She still isn't sure who put it there, but she's guessing that Uncle Matt was the culprit!

It was a very low key party with a small group of family & friends, but we all had such a great time!  Happy FIFTH birthday to ME!