Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's been a loooonggg time since I've taken the time to post and there's a good reason for that.. we've moved to a new house!  Not only that, but since the last time I wrote, I'm now a whole year older!  That's right, I'm a 4 year old!  I'll post some pictures from my birthday party very soon.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of me & my sissy before our big move..

We are always helping Mommy with laundry & boy oh boy are we amazing assistants!  As Reese tips the basket & pulls out clothes, I tend to plow through my mom's neatly folded stacks she arranges on the floor.

Is this girl a nutter or what?!  Speaking of nutters, you'll see that I'm just hanging out on the couch in the background in all my naked glory.  And why does the house look trashed?!

Oh right, the "Disaster Crew" as Mommy calls us, are fabulous at trashing the room in thirty seconds flat!

She's going in for the pull!

Okay, okay, maybe we aren't the best helpers, but we sure are cute!

And speaking of cute, my adorably sweet teacher from my P3 class has moved on to bigger & better things!  I'm going to miss Miss Brandi lots & so will my parents!  I've recently moved up to P4 but would still go back to P3 in the evenings before pick-up to spend time with Miss Brandi.  As much as she'll be missed, we know she'll do awesome as a high school teacher!

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