Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Growing by leaps & bounds!

2 days old here on 9/26/08

Me at 9 months old! Just a tad bigger!

Today I went to see my doctor for my 9 month well visit; Grammy & Auntie Erika came along with me & Mommy. My hemoglobin was absolutely perfect so the doctor could tell that I'm eating a healthy diet and I didn't even notice when the nurse pricked my toe. I also got my last Hep B shot & I barely cried; I am one tough cookie! Oh & I'm getting my 6th tooth!! So much has changed over the 9 months that I've been here & each day is a new adventure for me! I am loving life!

My stats:

Birth (9/24/08):

Weight: 6#, 10oz
Length: 20.5" long

Today at 9 months old:

Weight: 23#, 2oz (84th percentile)
Length: 30" (92nd percentile)
Head circumference: 19.29" (100th percentile)

So, in summary, since I've been born I have gained 16.5 pounds & grown 9.5"!! The doctor said that I can pretty much eat anything that the rest of the family is eating as long as it isn't peanuts, honey, citrus or strawberries. We told her that I ate strawberries this past weekend & she said that it was fine since I'm obviously not allergic seeing as I had no reaction to them. My mommy & daddy will be even more inspired to eat a healthy diet in order to be wonderful role models for me! I plan on having a very well-rounded diet; not just chicken fingers & mac n' cheese (although those things are tasty!)


Perno said...

Dangit, I want chicken fingers and mac n cheese!!! Good job big boy, you keep growing, ya hear?

Lauren said...

Great job Cameron! You are growing up to be such a big, strong boy! Your Auntie Lolo and Uncle Josh are very proud of you! I can't believe you'll be ONE YEAR OLD soon! Where has the year gone??

Kelly O said...

Those pants you're wearing in the first picture are cracking me up! You're so adorable, I miss you!

lesli said...

yeah your one parenting mistake was letting the poor boy wear those MC hammer pants! haha!!!

good job on the progress, pal!