Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oscar & the zit

Yesterday Reese, Daddy & myself hit Publix for a few groceries.  Turns out they were doing a little event with cookie decorating & face painting.  I had a blue smiley face painted on my cheek & I refused to let my mommy & daddy wash it off, even before bed.  I sure paid for that though & now I'm sporting my very first pimple!

Yick!  My porcelain skin is tainted! ;o)

In other news, this is my friend Oscar!  Also, I move to a new classroom tomorrow since I'll be turning four soon.  As much as I'll miss my P3 teachers, Miss Brandi & Miss Christina, I look forward to getting to know Miss Debbie & Miss Katie in P4!  Oh & in other random news, I knocked my sissy's paci & clip into the toilet today.  Not only that but there was pee in the toilet!  Luckily Mommy came in to check on me so Reesey's paci is getting a nice hot bath in the dishwasher tonight!

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