Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 month stats

Two weeks ago today I turned the B-I-G ONE!  Yesterday Daddy picked me up to head to the doctor for my one year well visit.

Here are my stats:

Head circumference: 18.11" (74%)
Height: 29" (41%)
Weight: 22.25# (67%)

I'm a short little girl, just like my mommy!  The doctor is very happy with my growth & I'll now be switching to two 8 ounce bottles of whole milk per day from 3 bottles of breast milk.  I'm growing like a little, adorable weed!


Perno said...

Cam's stats for 1 yr:

Height: 32.5" (98th percentile) - I am now 52.4% of my mom's height!

Weight: 25#, 12oz (84th percentile)

Head Circumference: 19.68" = FREAKIN' HUGE = >100th percentile!!

Lauren said...

12 Month Well Check Stats:

Head Circumference: 90th percentile (18.5 inches)

Height: 47th percentile (29 inches)

Weight: 85th percentile (23.5 pounds) Chuba-bubba!

Lauren said...

Hold up! I just realized that our girls were the same height at 12 months! How odd is that?!? But I see our percentages are different... hmmm.

She's perfect! Love you Reesie-Pie!