Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Yesterday may have been my third Halloween, but it was very special since it was my first time going trick-or-treating. Click here to see my second Halloween & here to see my first when I was only a month old.

Cole came trick-or-treating with me & Leah which was very lucky for us since he was nice enough to show us the ropes!

I was an Ohio State football player & Leah was the cheerleader. This may be a reality some day since we'll likely be going to the same school & we'll be in the same grade!

Just taking some time to stop & smell the flowers!

My mommy thinks I'm funny!

I was a football player last year too. My parents are thinking maybe next year I'll have a cooler costume when I'm a more mature, experienced boy.

I was double fisting it for extra candy storage!

It's Auntie Kelly & Daddy!

What do you know, I was having a meltdown! I do that quite often these days & I can tell you that my parents are OVER IT! But it's not stopping me!

I love my mommy & daddy!

Cool socks, Mom!

It was nice to cruise around in my wagon!

Look at us big kids trick-or-treating! We are so cool! Hope everyone had a safe & happy Halloween!


Melanie said...

Aww, I'm glad you had a fun Halloween Cam! I hope you got some yummy treats! You looked cute in your little football uniform and so did your girlfriend Leah! Love you bunches!

Auntie Lauren said...

He is so cute!! Glad you guys had fun:) How long did they last?

Auntie Kelly said...

Great pictures!! Leah had so much fun trick or treating with Cameron! I hope you guys are able to come over again next year. The picture with Cam having his meltdown is classic! haha, great times!!