Sunday, October 24, 2010

25 Months Old

Today I'm 25 months old & I had a very full & exciting weekend in celebrate the occasion! Saturday morning we headed out to Hundsader Farm for a Fall festival with Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt, Leah & my Auntie Mel, Uncle Mike & two favorite cousins, Maddy & Mikayla.

Look at these three adorable gals I had the pleasure of spending the day with!

We had an absolute blast dancing & running around the stage as we enjoyed the country band that played.

So, what is the 25 month old version of me up to? Well, I'm enjoying my new class at school, although I tend to be a little sensitive when I get home. It also doesn't help that I'm not only opinionated but very passionate, so my emotions tend to be large.

But I have a sweet, lovable spirit & my mom & dad don't fault me for it! We've been enjoying Fall & spending more time outside, taking walks & going to the park. I still love watching Lightning McQueen, but I've also gotten into Little Einsteins, Yo Gabba Gabba & pretty much any show on Noggin. No, I'm not a TV junkie but my parents do let me watch my shows before bed (or when they need to get something done around the house!)

I utterly adore cheese, especially string cheese & also waffles, which I call wapples! It's rare though that I actually sit & eat well at mealtime. More often than not my parents end up chasing me around just to take a few bites of dinner. I'm too busy have fun to be bothered to eat!

I'm not really using the potty at home very much, although my parents do put me on it before bath time or random times on the weekend. I do use the potty much more often at school & I actually go a lot of the time - unlike when I'm at home & I basically just sit there with a huge grin on my face, push on my PP & say, TT in the toddy!

I was able to go to my very first circus show at the fest this weekend & it was pretty cool!

I love, love, love my mommy & daddy! Usually when I wake up in the morning, I stand in the corner of my crib & yell, A Mama! A Mama! Yeah, for some reason I add an A which sounds like uh where it doesn't really belong. I'm cool like that. Oh, & another thing I started doing this week is adding an A to the end of my words. For instance, when we pull onto our driveway, I shout Home-uh! And I totally blame my mom for that since her normal way of talking is basically adding uh to the end of most every word!

I was able to feed my first goat on Saturday & it was so much fun! I laughed hysterically as the goat's teeth tickled my hands as he ate. And we were able to see two baby goats that were only two days old. They were absolutely adorable & could barely even walk. I wanted to take them home with us but my mom said, No, Cam, our house is already a zoo!

And most of all I love my family & friends & I'm so thankful for all the love I receive each day!

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Kelly O said...

Love the post; what a fun weekend we had with all of you!! We're lucky to have such great friends. Happy 25 months, Cam!! Love you!!