Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday Morning with Elmo

Saturday morning we headed out back to play baseball & enjoy the beautiful weather!

I was so happy to play with my t-ball set that I broke out in a jig!

I look like a pirate in this picture! Arr!

I'm wearing my Elmo shirt which I adore to little bits & pieces. Any time I see my mom folding my Elmo shirt as she's doing laundry, I insist on wearing it. I've worn it to bed at least a few nights because it makes me feel so warm & fuzzy inside!

After play time & nap, we headed over to Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt & Leah's house for their OSU party. We had a great time playing around the backyard & eating delicious hot dogs & chili!


Auntie Kelly said...

I bet Leah would sleep good in your shirt too, as we know she does whenever she wears your clothes. =)

Perno said...

I love the first and last photos, great eye! You're becoming quite the photog!