Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weeknight Randoms

Monday I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mommy & Daddy had taken the day off of work. They had planned to take me to the new Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa, but unfortunately I gave them both my sickness so we decided to lay low. That will teach them to give me smooches when I'm sick! Who am I kidding? As if anyone could resist these sweet, juicy lips! But we will get to that museum someday soon since my mom had been anxiously awaiting it's opening (which happened to open a day after I turned 2!)

So we did some fun stuff around the house on Monday instead & I was able to play with my ball pit!

We enjoyed pelting each other with balls through the little peep holes!

The one outing we did take on Monday was to exchange a repeat birthday gift I got. So, Auntie Erika, thank you SO MUCH for this awesome Thomas the Train set!! The best part about this toy is that it folds up so I can take it with me for fun away from home!

And yesterday while my dad was playing kickball, my mom let me eat my dinner at my awesome Lightning McQueen table that my Auntie Mel, Uncle Mike & cousins got me. And what do you know, I sat at my Cars table watching none other than Cars!

And speaking of dinner, my appetite has picked up this week & I'm actually eating! My parents are quite shocked as dinner has been my absolute worse meal these days & I've been eating little to nothing. So they're pleasantly surprised to see me putting food in my big gullet!!

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Auntie Kelly said...

Looks like you had a fun day Cam! It's always nice spending extra quality time with Mommy and Daddy!