Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun at the Park!

Lately in our downtime, we've been heading to the park & I've been having lotsa fun! Since I'm such a big boy now, I'm able to climb around with ease (while my mom chases after me to be sure I won't topple off the jungle gym!)

But, swinging is still my favorite thing to do! Weee!


Melanie said...

Gosh! It's insane how fast babies develop at this stage! Cam is such a big boy! Next time we visit we have to check out that park! Maddy & Mikayla would LOVE that!

Melanie said...

And I'll say it again I LOVE those shoes! BTW - Maddy & Mikayla are reading with me this morning. They really enjoyed the pictures of Cam! They love their cousin!