Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shop (and eat) till you drop!

This happened to be a very eventful Sunday for us. I woke my mommy up at around 6:30 this morning & we had lots of fun playing & eating flat bread & Cheerios. When my dad got up, we all got ready to go to church where I was able to play in the Mangroves day care center while Mom & Dad attended the service. Everything was great until I decided to be a big shot & weasel my way into the area where the older kids play. Let's just say I added another bump on my head!

After my morning nap, the three of us headed down to Ikea in Tampa. It was very crowded but we still had so much fun; my mom was pretending the cart was a roller coaster by spinning me round & round. The best part was when I was able to devour the Swedish meatballs; they were fantastic! I got a little miffed when my mom or dad had a bite instead of feeding me, but it was all good. In the last picture here, you'll see Arthur, my new storage pack that hangs on the back of my door. Yes, Mom named him Arther; she's always naming everything! We also got a really nice storage shelf to help in keeping our house tidy & my toys stowed away. As Dr. Suess says on one of mys shirts, "I always pick up my play things!" For some reason my mom keeps drilling that into my head; quite odd. Oh well, hope you all had a great weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow!

P.S - Doesn't it seem that most pictures just so happen to be of me eating? Wonder how I keep this amazing bod of mine? Must be a fast metabolism!

Big meatball for a little guy like me! I didn't
actually eat the whole thing; that was just for

Ahh, looks delish!

Ahh, here comes another meatball!

Mmm, chocolate chip cookie!

And here is Arthur, hanging on my door!


Joshua Green said...

Glad you had a great day little buddy! You sure have some great parents there =)

Melanie said...

Arthur is so cute! I can't wait to check out IKEA! Glad you had a good day Cammers!