Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying for Stellan

My mommy has been following a blog called My Charming Kids for quite some time now. I can really relate to the youngest child since he is about a month younger than I am. However, one thing we don't have in common is that Stellan was diagnosed with SVT or rapid heart rate when he was in his mom's belly at 20 weeks. The doctors told his parents that he would not survive, but from what I know, Stellan is one tough cookie because he was born healthy with no signs of SVT.

When Stellan was 4 months old, SVT again reared it's ugly head & he has been dealing with it since. He's lived a very active & happy life with his family, but unfortunately he is currently very sick again. Please send extra prayers to give Stellan & his family the strength to get though this. God, please protect Stellan; let him fight through this as he did when the odds were against him while he was in his mommy's belly. God, let Stellan grow to be a happy boy who has his whole, exciting life ahead of him.

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