Thursday, May 23, 2013

A visit to the doc-tah!

As I slowly woke from my nap at school today, I thought I was dreaming when I noticed my mom standing next to my mat!  She's never had the pleasure of seeing me nap at school and honestly questioned if the whole thing was a farce.  I mean, how can 2 teachers get 27 four year olds to sleep?!  We left & headed to Reese's class since we both had a doctor visit scheduled.  Mommy was not exactly excited to be taking both of us for shots by herself!  It was funny to see her holding a diaper bag as well as my hefty, screaming sister while trying to answer the nurse's questions & fill out paperwork.  The second we walked through the doorway of the exam room, Reese lost it... guess she has negative associations with it!

I had to undergo a hearing test & an eye exam & pee in a little cup!!  When the nurse handed it to my mom as she was holding Reese, she said, "Seriously?  How is this happening?!" as she laughed hysterically.  Mom handed a BALLISTIC Reese off to the nurse & headed to the little boy's room with me & I did a fine job of providing a specimen if I do say so myself.  And I do.  And I did.  We each got shots; Reese 2 and me 1.  Mommy did not know what to expect from my shot since I hadn't had one since I was two years old & much less aware of what's going on.  I did awesome & didn't shed a single tear!  I'll have to get two more shots for Kindergarten next year, but it'll be a piece of cake.

So here are my 4 year & 7 month stats:

Height: 43.25" (76%)
Weight: 46.50# (91%)
BMI: 17.54 (93%)
BP: 88/46

Here are Reese's 18 month stats:

Head Circumference: 19.09" (93%)
Height: 31.5" (43%)
Weight: 28.75# (94%)

Click here to see my 18 month stats.

The doctor was a little surprised to see the sharp jump in Reese's weight between this appointment & her 15 month since she gained just about five pounds in three months!!!  That belly does not lie!  Coincidence that it goes along with her increase in fussiness?  Not likely.  It seems when all else fails, Mommy or Daddy throw some food her way, especially cheese.  Yes, yes, I realize my mom is a dietitian but people get desperate, ya know?  But, they'll cut back on the snacks & all will be well again with my short & stout lil sis!

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