Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Soccer star!

For the past couple of months I've been part of a soccer league that plays on Saturday mornings.  My team is the Cheetahs!

My grandma & grandpa took me to my game this weekend since my mom & dad were out boating.  I did awesome & played like a champ!

My sissy and Auntie Lauren sat on the sidelines cheering me on!

I had to take some time to show my appreciation!

Oops, I guess I didn't see my teammate standing here!

I'm such a goofball!

Luckily I have a very patient coach who occasionally needs to bring me back into the game when I get distracted!

Some weeks I just don't feel like playing, but this week I was focused.

With all of that focus, I earned myself the medal for the week!

I was very proud of myself & even though Mommy & Daddy weren't there to see me, they called & told me how proud they were too!

This Saturday is the playoffs so I have to bring my A game & beat the Cougars!  Go Cheetahs, go!

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