Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pizza Time!

Last night I spent some time with my best friend, Leah & we made our very own pizzas!!

Or I should say, as Leah made her pizza, I spent most of the time eating mine!

Cheese galore down in my belly!

Leah did an awesome job making her pizza; just look how focused she is!

I love spending time with my best girl! We always have a great time.

Unfortunately shortly after these pictures were taken, I busted up my lip! I was climbing on my rolling horse when I slipped & my chin hit my bed & I bit my lip in the worst way. After lots of icing & tears, I made it through, had a popsicle & finished the night with a slice of my very own homemade pizza!

And boy was it delicious!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

GREAT pictures!! Thank you soo, soo much for taking care of our princess, and showing her such a great time!! She was very sorry Cam got hurt, and is glad he is ok. You guys are the best; love ya!!