Monday, September 26, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

Friday night I went to sleep a 2 year old & Saturday I woke up a 3 year old! That's right, Saturday was my 3rd birthday!!

We started the day with yummy pumpkin pancakes & then headed to Busch Gardens.

When we got home it was time to decorate the birthday cake my mommy made for me!

After cake it was present time! Mommy wanted to get me a book she loves called, On the Night You Were Born... by the time she got to the end, she was teary-eyed. It's quite the sweet, touching book! I also got a really cool, roaring dinosaur from Mommy & Daddy which is super cool!

Sunday it was party time & I couldn't wait to see my friends & family.

We had such a great time & I utterly adored my cake! I have some good taste... I did choose my cake, after all! Mommy & I went to Publix last week & she let me pick whichever cake I wanted. I decided on Buzz & Woody & that's how we picked the party's theme of Toy Story.

We ended the party with a cake for Auntie Lauren since today is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Auntie Lauren!! Hope your day is wonderful!

My birthday weekend was absolutely perfect & I had such an amazing time! Being three has proven to be pretty sweet so far! And I still have the rest of the week off from daycare to spend with my Grammy! I'm a lucky fella!

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