Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Happenings

We live for the weekend, and who doesn't really? Not to say we don't enjoy our Monday through Friday lives, but things are hectic so come the weekend, my parents LOVE having that extra time with little ole me!

And why wouldn't they? I'm quite funny, witty & darn good looking! So I may not be modest, but it is what it is. If you've spent any time with me, I'm sure you'd agree!

The weather this weekend has finally cooled off so we're hoping that the insane heat of summer is behind us. We took advantage of the cooler temps & I was able to cruise around on my new bike with the help of my mom.

I was even able to do some lizard watching which I love! My mom named this guy Sammy. She always has to name everything!

Saturday afternoon we headed over to Auntie Kelly & Uncle Matt's house for some college football. My handsome daddy had his hands full with us goofy tots.

Leah & I kicked back on the Lazy Boy for some R&R!

We always have such a great time together!

We crack each other up!

This evening we met up with Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matty & Leah for some ice cream & then headed to the park. What an incredibly gorgeous evening it was!

It was a fantastic weekend, but it's back to reality tomorrow! I'll be heading back to daycare after a two week hiatus when Grammy was here. Word on the street is I'll be moving up to the next room very shortly. New teachers, new friends & a bigger focus on using the potty. Although I don't see the advantage of using the potty. Hmm... pee in my diaper on a whim, whenever the urge strikes & have someone else change me or have to hold it, seek out a potty, pull down my pants, yadda, yadda. I'll probably drag my feet with potty training, but you never do know!

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Auntie Kelly said...

Great pictures; Cam, you and Leah are quite the cutie pies!