Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Bears may not have played on Sunday, but we still got together with our friends & family & watched some football. And as always, a good time was had while hanging out with Leah! I got to play with some of my new toys & spend time with my papa & Uncle Nick before they headed home to Chicago yesterday.

And even with all of my new toys, I think I had the most fun of the day while playing in my crib with Leah! We were being so goofy & absolutely cracking my mommy up!

Am I a stud or what?! :o) Just kidding, I'm a good guy!

I'm so lucky to be growing up with such a wonderful friend!

Sometimes the simplest things in life make us the happiest!

And man oh man am I a happy boy!

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Auntie Kelly said...

You and Leah are going to be the best of friends for a long time to come. She's lucky to have such a good friend in you, Cameron!