Monday, September 20, 2010

Playtime with a Side of Elmo!

Saturday morning my mom & I headed to the mall for some playtime before it was time to pick my Grammy up from the airport! That's right, my grammy is back in town & I couldn't be happier. I get two weeks vacation from daycare to get spoiled with love & attention!

Life is like a slice of pizza..

You can make it as good as your imagination will let you!

Here I am... Cam, Cam the ice cream man!

And in my spare time I'm an astronaut who takes trips to the moon!

And here's what I look like when I hear someone say, Cam, show us your teeth!

AND I'm wearing my new Elmo slippers that my grammy bought me today!

They make me very happy!


Anyhow, hope you're all having a great week so far! I know I am... it is my birthday week, afterall. And I will be the BIG TWO in just four short days!! And my papa & Uncle Nick will be flying in from Chicago to celebrate the birth of yours truly!! Unfortunately though, my Auntie Erika won't be able to make it & she'll surely be missed!

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Lauren said...

Love the picture of Cam holding onto his slippers and smiling so big!