Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturdays Rule!

This fine Saturday began as my parents awoke at 8am, startled to find that I was still sleeping! And I slept until almost 9 this morning; it was crazy!

I started the day by putting in a bit of work on the ol' laptop.

As I worked, my mom & dad whipped up a delicious breakfast of French toast & eggs over easy. Casper decided to watch me eat my breakfast...

I thought I'd be more efficient by using two utensils!

Hey, that's my dad!

I told my dad all sorts of interesting stories over breakfast; I've been a little motor mouth today! I'm starting to enunciate my words more & increase my vocabulary.

And then it was time to play with our house guest, Romie who is staying with us while Auntie Lo Lo & Uncle Josh go on vacation.

Here's a picture of me with Romie when I was only 4 months old! I couldn't even roll over at this point so I wasn't nearly as fun to play with as I am now!

Time for the little princess to take a rest on her perch!

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