Monday, May 3, 2010

Pool Party

Last Saturday when my Grammy was visiting, I was so surprised to wake up from my nap & find Leah swimming in my back yard! My mom took lots of cute pictures, but wasn't able to post them since we were swimming in the nude. I would have disowned her had she done that to us!

We even got sprayed with the hose! I was running around the yard like a nut, enjoying the heck out of it!

I was such a bathing beauty as I lounged poolside.

And we ended the night with a snuggle with Grammy as she let us play a game on her computer!


Kelly said...

That was such a fun day! I loved the yummy meal your mommy made. Unfortunately, you and Leah wouldn't eat it so you missed out! =)

Jaysa said...

So cute. My goodness, Cameron is getting so big! He looks like a little boy rather than a baby now. Crazy how time flies!