Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cake Boss

This weekend we were not only celebrating Mother's Day but also my cousin Madelyn's 7th birthday!!

After dinner it was time for cake & I was super excited! As we sang happy birthday, I couldn't help but notice the delectable cake perched right in front of my face. After a quick internal battle, I decided to take my teeny finger & help myself to a taste. Only a little taste.

After tasting the sweet frosting on my lips, I lost complete control & blacked out. When I came to, after what feels like hours later, the whole room was erupted in laughter, I had frosting all over my hands & face & my head was abuzz with a sugar rush! After seeing these pictures I'm quite horrified of my behavior! Oh well, it was worth it!!


Lauren said...

Haha! So cute!

Auntie Kelly said...

Cam, I can't believe you did that! You're so adorable!