Saturday, April 24, 2010

19 Months Old!

On this fine Saturday morning, I awoke as an older man! Well, I guess every morning I wake up, I'm a day older. But, that's besides the point. My point is, today I'm 19 months old!

I thought I'd do a recap of the things I'm up to as a 19 month old...

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to play with my cars, trucks & trains. You can usually find me wandering around the house or day care with a car in each hand.

I take my cars & trucks to the kitchen & push them around. It gives me tons of enjoyment & keeps me occupied when my parents need to do something. Although, anything they do should involve me, since I am the center of the universe. Am I not?

My favorite thing to watch is Disney's Cars & I usually watch it in the morning while Mom & Dad get ready for work & in the evening as I'm getting ready for bed. My parents are trying to limit the amount of TV I watch, so I'm not able to watch Cars as much as I'd like to. Which would be about five hours a day if I had my way.

I wear size 4 diapers, size 6 shoes & 2T or 24 month clothes. And you know what they say about big feet, right? A big heart! What were you thinking??

When Daddy asks where Mama is, I point to her (which is what I was doing in this picture) & say, in the cutest voice, Mama! I do this for anyone you ask about; even people I just met... well, I can point to them, I can't say their names. I'm not that good yet.

I adore playing with my pets! Demps can be a bit overbearing at times & she even tries to snag my cereal when I'm snacking. Stella gets a little ornery when I sneak up on her when she's sleeping. She snarls & growls & my feelings get hurt. I rarely cry, but I look around at my mom & dad, and I breathe very heavily & whimper.

Here's where I do my snacking!

I still sleep very well. My parents give me my milk in a sippy cup at around 7:30p.m., it takes me about two minutes to drink & then I lay in my crib & "talk" for about a half hour. So, technically I sleep from about 8p.m. until about 7:30a.m. Although, this morning, I decided I'd let my parents sleep until a bit after 8!

And when I'm home, I nap for 2 1/2 to 4 hours. My napping can get excessive. And any parents of little ones out there might be reading this, thinking, yeah, big problem to have. BUT, when I'm sleeping from noon to four, most of the day is shot.

I loathe having my diaper changed because I don't at all appreciate having to stop what I'm doing & lay down for a pee or poop-ectomy!

I like to snack before school, so yesterday I moseyed up to my snack table on my horse. My mom put pillows all around my snack table so that Demps couldn't snag any!

Well, that's just a little of who I am at the moment. I change every day, it seems, so keep on checking back!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I know I will, since we're heading to pick my Grammy up at the airport in about a half hour!!


Meg Kardelis said...

I love your whole blog! I found it off Jaysa's page- Cameron is such a cutie, it sure looks like you guys have a lot of fun. :)

Auntie Kelly said...

Aww...Cam, I love your sleepy face.