Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday Fun

Friday night my Auntie Lo Lo, Uncle Josh, Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt, & most importantly, Leah came over to celebrate mommy's birthday.

Look at how big my best gal is getting!

It's amazing that Leah didn't recoil in horror at the site of my dad's beard! That thing looks like a raccoon died on his face! Luckily mommy convinced him to trim it yesterday! Dad's growing his beard in honor of the Blackhawks who are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!! GO HAWKS!

I ended the night by enjoying an absolutely phenomenal dessert that my Auntie Lo Lo prepared. These were almost too pretty to eat!

I did say almost!


Auntie Kelly said...

Leah had a great time hanging out with you, Cam! Can't wait to see you again soon!

Jaysa said...

Cameron is too cute! He is getting so big. Those desserts look awesome. What was in there?