Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Hat

Saturday my mom decided to go back through my drawers yet again to weed out the clothes I've grown out of. In the process she happened to find the hat that I wore just minutes after I was born & thought it would be cute to try it on me over 12 months later.

Not cute! I look like a dork. Well, just go ahead & see for yourself...

And here I am right after I was born, wearing this same hat!

And if the hat wasn't enough, my mom also decided to slap some socks on me that had ball & bat rattles on them! Clearly she's not realizing that I am far too mature for these baby socks!

Enough is enough! I'm going to try & take these monstrosities off!


Melanie said...

You have grown so much Cammers!

lesli said...

cam you quite humorous in this post! i did thesame thing with adelaide when i found her pink knitted cap. i could not believe it once fit her!