Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time to Rehearse!

Friday, October 2nd was the rehearsal for my Auntie Lauren & Uncle Gregg's wedding. I was under quite a bit of pressure since I was the ring bearer! Everything seemed to be in order though, my Radio Flyer wagon was all decorated, my suit was ready to go & I had a fresh, new haircut.

Here's my Uncle Mike enjoying the view with Mikayla & Maddy.

My Grammy was a HUGE help to my parents this weekend! They were able to focus on the wedding while I was taken such wonderful care of!

Here are the flower girls! Aren't they beautiful!?

Love my Daddy!

It's me & my good buddy Dave!

My Auntie Mel, Maddy & Mikayla are the best!

My cousin is such a goofball..

Look at the cool gift I got from my auntie & uncle!!

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Melanie said...

Cam, you were the best and cutest Ring Bearer ever! We had such a fun weekend with you!