Monday, October 26, 2009

A Festivus For the Rest of Us!

Saturday after Mommy got home from work & I finished my nap, we piled in the car & met Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt & Leah for an evening at an Oktober Fest & had a wonderful time.

As you can see below, I was getting a little frustrated here, but as soon as my mom brought me over by the German band & danced with me, I was golden!

Gee, this beverage looks awfully refreshing!

Don't mind if I do...

Well, I guess this will have to do!

Time for the crazy bus! Very fitting for our group!

Weee! We had a great time!

So sue me... I tend to drool a little. Okay, well a lot. But, whatever.

And here is my girl, all snug in her stroller! Isn't she a slice of Heaven?


Melanie said...

Cute pics Cam!

Lauren said...

Wow Cam, you've been a busy blogger lately!