Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Weekend Away!

I was able to spend time with my grandma who was nice enough to watch me Monday through Wednesday of last week. Then on Thursday we packed up & headed to my grandparent's condo for a weekend away. I was so excited that my mom & dad had a couple of days off of work. And I know they were excited too!

Friday evening my Auntie Lauren & Uncle Gregg came for a visit & then Saturday morning my Auntie Mel came with my cousins. I wasn't able to see my Uncle Mike since he was in Chicago, but it was great to catch up with everyone else.

Hmm, it appears that this cup has nothing left in it.

Oh well, I'll give it a try anyway!

My mom was commenting that she had barely any pictures of me & Auntie Mel so she whipped out her camera when she saw me sitting on her lap. But, apparently I got upset when Maddy decided to jump into the picture. I can be a bit ornery from time to time.

I was able to spend time with my grandpa & we even watched my favorite movie, Cars!

Then Sunday morning my grandparents took us kids to the bird sanctuary.

We had such a great time!

Look at me, I'm the bush man!

And in other news, as of yesterday, I've started clearly saying I love you! You can only imagine how that melts my mommy & daddy's hearts! I've got those suckers wrapped around my little finger!!

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Melanie said...

LoL - the kids had so much fun together. I can't believe my face in that pic with Cam! Too funny!