Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Month of Being One!!!

In one short month, I'll be turning TWO!!

When my mom & dad ask me how old I'm going to be on my birthday, I proudly shout, TWO!

So, what is the 23 month old version of me up to?

Well, I weigh about 35 pounds. I'm wearing a size 7 shoe. I'm talking more & more & my parents refer to me as a parrot. And I'm even putting words together to form a sentence! My favorite saying is, Not nice! As I wag my finger in a reprimanding fashion. I love big words such as umbrella or helicopter.

I love jumping & I'm able to get both feet off the ground. My favorite past time is opening & closing doors; mom & dad are constantly getting blocked into a room or getting a door slammed in their faces. Not nice, Cameron!

I'm still a very good sleeper & typically go to bed around 7:45 but I don't normally fall asleep until around 8 or a little later. I lay in bed & "talk" & play my music machine until I get to dreamland. I've recently started climbing out of my crib & I've done it twice. The most surprising time was when I actually got out of my crib, walked across the house & went into my parents room & woke them up on Saturday morning.

Time for mom & dad to convert my crib into a daybed!

I make my parents crack up all the time & they often tell me how much of a hilarious goofball I am!

I love to wrestle & I'm proud to say that if my mom is sitting on the floor, I can easily take her down! Aww yeah!

I'm a very thirsty boy & I can slam just about any liquid you put in front of me. I don't always listen very well, or as my teachers at daycare say, You're not using your listening ears! But, I have a very good heart & I love my family, friends & all of my pets.

I had a great time being one, but I'm excited to discover all of the fun things that two has in store for me! Until then, I'll enjoy my last month of being a one year old!

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Auntie Kelly said...

Cameron, you're growing up before my eyes! It's so hard to believe you'll be 2! Gread job on tackling mommy. =)