Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Keep Swimming!

On Saturday we headed to my grandma & grandpa's condo on the beach for a weekend get away. I was like a little fish in the water; I kind of felt like Nemo!

Saturday was the first time I got to experience "water wings" or what we like to call swimmies. I didn't exactly get the hang of them since I kept forgetting to keep my head up & arms down. I sunk like a lead rock if I wasn't being held. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect!

And I was so brave that I was jumping off the edge into the pool. I am a rebel, indeed!

And I'm a lucky lad to have a family that loves me so much!

My grandma kept an eye on me a lot so that my mom & dad could relax & enjoy themselves. Although I'm really not sure how anyone could have a good time if I'm not around. But whatevs.

My grandpa makes me smile!

Daddy was getting me used to going underwater....

And here's what I thought about that!

And after all that swimming, I needed to take a breather!

I absolutely loved watching this huge kite soar through the blue sky. Although if you asked me what color the sky was, I'd proudly say, "yellow!" That's right; yellow is the color word of the week. Two weeks ago, it was blue! I like to keep everyone on their toes!

After we had some fun on the beach, it was time to hose the sand off. Geez, Dad, you don't have to blast me in the face with the water! What gives? But speaking of the beach, check out my mom's blog to see more pictures.

Hope everyone is having a safe & happy summer! I know I am!


Lauren said...

More great pictures!!

I love the new background to Cam's blog!

Auntie Kelly said...

Great pictures! And great job Cam on doing so good in the pool! Maybe you can ask your daddy not to spray you in the face with the hose. You can say, "not nice, Daddy!" =)