Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Trees, Goats & Mulch!

Friday morning I awoke to the sound of pitter patter outside my bedroom door. Those sounds belonged to my mom, Auntie Mel & cousin Maddy who I happily greeted from my crib! We played for a bit, enjoyed some pumpkin pancakes & left for a wonderful outing to Ergle's Christmas Tree Farm. This was my parents third time visiting, my second & my Uncle Mike & Auntie Melanie's first time.

I absolutely loved kicking around in the mulch! I even tried a bite or two.. I do need roughage in my diet after all!

I got to scope out the pick of trees from my Uncle Mike's shoulders.

This furry, little fella was so friendly & allowed all of us to pet him!

Mikayla & I got to ride in my cool Radio Flyer wagon as we perused the trees.

It was such a beautiful day; chilly but not too cold. Perfect Christmas tree picking weather. We ended up choosing a Douglas Fir tree from North Carolina instead of cutting down our own Florida grown tree. My mommy just fell in love with the Christmas tree smell of the Douglas Fir trees & couldn't bear going home without one (to Daddy's dismay... they're more expensive!) That mommy of mine has expensive taste!

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Kelly said...

Looks like a fun-filled day Cam!