Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Teeth

Last weekend while we visited family at my grandma & grandpa's condo, my Auntie Melanie noticed that my bottom first molars were coming in. Then during the week, my mom noticed that my top two cuspids/canines/fangs were coming in. I've also been showing signs of a cold with a runny nose & acting somewhat irritable. I don't cough during the day, but as soon as I fall asleep, my mom & dad can hear me coughing over the monitor (or so they tell me... how could I know this if I was sleeping?!)

So, my mom started thinking that I was probably coughing from choking on all the drool I spew out as I sleep. And just this evening as I was playing with my mom & threw my head back to laugh, she saw that I was getting my bottom two canines as well. SO... that means that I have at least six teeth coming in at the moment; who knows what's going on with my top gums since I never sit still long enough for my parents to see. So, I've got at least fourteen teeth going on at the moment. Apparently there are 20 baby teeth or "primary teeth" as those dental professionals like to call them. Check out this chart & you'll have a much better idea of what I'm talking about.

All in all, I'm handling all of this teething like a champ. I woke up for a bit around 8pm last night & my mom snuggled with me on my couch & rubbed my back until I fell back to sleep. My parents don't think I'm getting great sleep though since I seem to be restless over the monitor all through the night. But during the day you'd never know I was teething other than the fact that my shirt needs to be changed at least once from being fully saturated in drool!

Guess that just goes with the territory of being a baby!

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lesli said...

you poor little guy!!! why are all those teeth in such a hurry! you've spent most of your life covered in drool, so why should now be any different, right buddy! love ya!