Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playing with my girlfriend!

Today we had a get together with my Uncle Matt, Auntie Kelly & my best friend, Leah. I had a lot of fun playing around with everyone & we all got to see Leah roll over for the first time today. And she's only three & a half months! When I first rolled over it was the day I turned six months. I guess it's because of my big head. Oh well, what can you do?! You can see that I have my shirt off in a lot of these pictures... that's because I was trying to impress Leah with my hot bod! Mommy also spiked my hair, which I thought was pretty cool!

Oh, and in other news, I'm officially mobile! My mom & dad will now have to be 100% on their toes. I'm not actually crawling yet, but I can get across a room in no time by doing an army crawl. I plan to get into a whole lot of things from here on out! Can't wait! Let the good times roll!

We love each other!

Look at those beautiful eyes!

My Auntie Kelly makes me happy!


Bye for now!


Kelly said...

what a cute blog entry! We had a great time with you guys as well. Cam is such a big boy, I am so happy he is practically crawling. Our babies reached a mile stone together today. They are good influences on each other. Maybe they are trying to impress each other with their new tricks.

Melanie said...

Oh boy! Cam's on the go now!