Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5.5 year well visit

Mommy picked me up yesterday & we headed to the doctor so I could be up-to-date with my vaccinations since I'm starting kindergarten this fall!!  I was SUCH a tough guy & handled both of my shots like a champ!  I also had to have my finger pricked so they could check my iron & cholesterol.  Turns out, I'm a bleeder!  My finger took forever to stop bleeding!

I had my favorite "yellow soup," aka broccoli cheddar & slurped it up like a champ!  And since I'm such a nice guy, I volunteered to share my cupcake with Mommy too.  We had an awesome dinner date!

5.5 year stats:

Height: 45.5" (68%)
Weight: 52# (88%)
BP: 92/48

This weekend is my VPK graduation!  I can barely believe how quickly the year flew by!   

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