Thursday, February 21, 2013

15 month stats

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Mommy arrive early at daycare to pick me up.  I was, however, not pleased to see that we were headed to the doctor for my fifteen month well-visit.  Cameron unexpectedly came with since Mommy didn't have the heart to leave him behind at daycare.  We were glad to have my big brother along for the trip though; he's a good guy!

Unfortunately Cam smacked his head as we headed back to the exam room since he was distractedly talking to the sweet nurse who was taking us back.

After cleaning his bleeding wound, he got a bandaid & a Lightening McQueen icepack & ended up feeling much better!

I was more upset about them taking my measurements than I was over the two shots they gave me!

So, how have I grown over the past fifteen months?

Height:  30.5" (50%)
Weight: 23.88# (66%)
Head Circumference: 18.9" (94%)

Here's a link from Cameron's 15 month visit.  He weighed 4.7# more than me, but we're both in the 66% & he was 3.5" taller than me.

In other happenings, this past weekend we sought out a free outing & found that the Tampa Bay Rays were hosting their fan fest.

Uncle Matt, Auntie Kelly & the girls met up with us & Cam & Leah had a great time running the bases!

Samantha & I raided the diaper bag for food as they were running.

Speaking of Samantha, the other day we just happened to go to school in the exact same outfit!  Mommy bought all the girls in the group this outfit for Christmas, but it was funny to see that we matched without planning it.  Of course I was not happy when Mommy set me down to take this picture.  I was scared she was going to turn around & leave me again!

After school, we went out back to look at the ducks & were happy to see them trot up to us, looking for food.  We didn't want to let them down, so Daddy grabbed a bag of hamburger buns & we fed them an evening snack!

And when the mail came, we saw that Auntie Erika sent us Valentine's cards!

Despite my two shots today, I've been in good spirits all evening & managed to raid the Tupperware drawer as I so love!

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