Sunday, April 29, 2012

Truckin along!

Saturday afternoon we headed to a little fest to see some majorly big trucks!  

Since I love the movie Cars so much & the character Mack, I was so happy to take a picture with a real, live Mack truck!

Smokey the Bear reminded us to be safe around fires.  I should remind my Grammy of that since just last week she accidentally set an entire Kleenex box ablaze!  She put a tissue too close to the candle & luckily Mommy noticed it right away & threw water all over it. Yikes!

Reesey was sporting her new outfit & sun hat.. isn't she cute?

After checking out the trucks we headed into downtown Dunedin for a stroll.  Then we ended the evening at a really cool restaurant called Ozona Blue.  It was an awesome, impromptu day!  We're going to miss Grammy lots when she heads back to Chicago next week! 

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