Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter fun & Reese's doctor visit

Friday Mommy & Daddy got out of work a little early which was so nice! We headed home, hung out & colored Easter eggs.

This was my second time coloring eggs, but of course Reese never has since this was her first Easter. She sat by and watched us & seemed to have a good time... I'm sure next year she'll want to be right in the action with the rest of us!

As my eggs were "taking a bath" I played with the camera & took some pictures. Mommy will upload them for me soon so I can show off my work.

And here you'll see our beautifully vibrant eggs which we just so happened to enjoy as egg salad tonight.

And in other news, Reese had her four month well baby visit on March 28th. It was a little past due since she was sick & we had to reschedule so she was healthy for her vaccinations. So, technically she was four & a half months at this check-up.

Reese's stats:

Head circumference: 16.14 inches (41%)
Height: 25.25" (75%)
Weight: 14.63# (62%)

So, she has grown 5.75" & gained 7.53#. My little sissy is not so little anymore & has more than doubled her weight since birth! Now I'm going to compare my four month stats with Reesey's... Keep in mind, I went to the doctor pretty much right at 4 months so it was nearly two weeks earlier than her appointment.

Cam's four month stats:

Head circumference: 17.72"
Height: 26"
Weight: 17.2#

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